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Comment Re:syfy likes rip off big moves now days (Score 1) 109

They get them on to store shelves at the same time that major film is still in theatres. This way they can play off the big movies advertising with little expenditure of their own, and they used to have a deal with Blockbuster that guaranteed every store would buy x amount of copies but I doubt that is still going.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 288

Depends on what movie it was. I remember going to see Back to the Future with my older brothers and there were Pepsi ads before the movie which we found odd. I want to say the original Keaton Batman had an ad shown before as well. Oh and Platoon had one for some candy that gave a percentage to veterans funds.

Comment Re:Lot's of possibilities (Score 2) 498

I should've explained that. Excluding the Mormon Church (I could be wrong about it since I've just really started learning about it in the past few months) the others on the list aren't really a religion, a buisness, or anything really. Maybe you could apply religious movement to one or two but the rest are just kinda these groups that mix god/aliens with their lifestyle and recruit others into it.

Where as a RELIGION I would state has a dogma, a leader, followers, and have no requirements to join other than maybe a ritual. When money becomes involved to join or stay apart of it you move more to the business/cult side of things.

I'm really high right now from my meds. Sorry if this made any less sense

Comment Lot's of possibilities (Score 5, Interesting) 498

Randi has gone after a lot of pseudo-religious organizations and they're still lots more to go before you can narrow it down to Co$.

http://www.vediccity.net/ - An entire city and school bought and controlled by Maharishi Mahesh's Transcendental Meditation organization

The Mormon Church - Self explanatory

Raëlism - Wacked out UFO cult founded by a Frenchman in 1974 with anywhere from 2000-5000 followers globally

Moonies - Sun Myung Moons private church where he claims to be Christ (and about every other major religious character) that owns The Washington Times, Kahr Firearms, and many other companies. Personal audience has been given to a few POTUS

Harold Camping's Family Radio - The guy who predicted the rapture a few times in the past couple of years

Lots and lots of possibilities. Co$ would be interesting for Randi to take on but it would be cool to see him deal with any of the above as well

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