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Comment United States GS equivalents? (Score 0) 293

The US could do this too by demanding a company categorize/list salaries by federal GS (General Schedule) equivalents. For instance, a computer scientist with n years of experience would equate to a GS 12 with a defined pay-grade. Gender would not figure in. Granted, categories would need to be expanded for some jobs or salary amount extrapolated for certain cases.

Submission + - Snowden's laptop watchdog app (

OffTheLip writes: Edward Snowden and a group of collaborators are working on an Android app called Haven that turns a spare mobile phone into a digital sentry. From the article,

Haven uses the smartphone’s many sensors — microphone, motion detector, light detector, and cameras — to monitor the room for changes, and it logs everything it notices.

The app may have limited use now but possibly opens the door for collaborative device security. Maybe this is a better use for the IOT?

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