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Comment "bridging the gap" (Score 4, Insightful) 185

That's like bridging the gap between coffee and coke. It's like bridging the gap between whiskey and wine. You are only going to create some crap that no one likes.

What needs to die is this attitude that what we need to do is make games that appeal to everyone, so that every person in the population buys it. That's stupid. It's chasing an impossible dream. You are far better off just making a good game that a certain set of people like. You can't appeal to everyone, so pick a genre, "casual", "hardcore" or whatever, and make something good in that genre. You aren't going to make a game that appeals to both grandma and Twitchy McFragerton, so stop trying. You're just going to end up with some crap that both grandma and Twitchy agree is worthless.

Comment Re:Please let me use the same password (Score 1) 497

Personally, I use lastpass to do most of my logging in so I rarely type passwords. I have a screensaver set so that I never leave my machine unlocked. I use a Das Keyboard, which makes shoulder surfing difficult as does the fact that my password is well ingrained in finger memory, which means I can type it extremely quickly. And yes, I am very cognizant of who is around me when typing passwords...

Expiring a password in 30 days does fuck all for over the shoulder attacks because anyone who wants to do that is going to compromise your machine at the first opportunity. It's like assuming that sending people a new credit card every 30 days will somehow prevent identity theft.

Comment Re:Please let me use the same password (Score 2, Informative) 497

So you are safe, unless the former coworker is quick enough to do his damage before the password expires. Fortunately, he wouldn't know when that is. Oh wait...he would.

The question should be asked: *How* did that former coworker get the password? From a sticky note on someone's computer because they kept forgetting their latest password, perhaps?

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