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Comment Re:Quiet? (Score 1) 558

Mine's very quiet. Antec P183 case, all Scythe SlipStream 120mm fans. All fans mounted on anti-vibration rubber mounts, same for HD/Optical drives. SSD for main OS. Aftermarket (Scythe Mugen something or other) heatsink+fan for CPU, GPU fan is from Arctic, not sure the exact model off the top of my head. CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k GPU: ATI Radeon R9 290x RAM: 32GB, Corsair. Too lazy to look up the timings. MB: Asus Maximus 7 Hero. I live across the street from a gas station, and the sound of their HVAC system is louder through closed windows than my PC 1m away at idle. Under heavy load it becomes audible, but I use headphones which serve to mitigate that quite well.

Comment Re:Lets all chant together (Score 1) 207

Ghostery + Adblock are redundant with RequestPolicy + Noscript. And I prefer Self-Destructing Cookies, since it can get rid of all sorts of persistent storage objects and doesn't tend to break things. It deletes all cookies set while on a tab when you close the tab, unless you whitelist them.

Comment Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 1) 599

It is a regional dialectical usage, mostly in the midland US. It's spread, but is less common elsewhere, and pretty much absent in New England and outside the US. In most other places it requires a preceding negative construction, eg "Activists aren't as effective any more because they get caught up in this sort of shite, leaving important worries like electing good people to govern us laguishing on the back burner." It is often a rather confusing construction to people who haven't seen it before, because they're used to the negation beforehand. So it seems like you're trying to negate your own point, decreasing clarity.

Comment Re:The fucking cat (Score 1) 172

You just described the Everettian model. That model doesn't have any paradox for Schrodinger's cat. Several of the others (the ones Schrodinger was criticizing) do. EG de Broglie-Bohm theory, Transactional QM, and Objective Collapse theories don't have the issue, while von Neumann/Wigner does.

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