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Comment Re:So (Score 1) 471

Conservatives in general oppose welfare

Only for "other people". They're more than happy to receive it.

so "ungrateful" is hardly a useful label either

I think it's okay. They think they deserve the handouts they'd deny to others because they believe themselves to be the "right kind of people" who "deserve it". 'Grateful' isn't an emotion I'd associate with them.

Comment Re:Obviously bullshit statement there (Score 3, Informative) 397

I used to work with a couple of NASA subcontractors who talked about when they would code by flipping 8 switches and then pressing a button to push that single byte of code into the computer.

That wasn't uncommon for early personal computers either. Try this in-browser simulations:

Kenbak-1 Emulator

MITS Altair Simulator

Comment Re:Great. Now prove it. (Score 0) 253

"Prove what was said in the papyrus can be done" was the challenge [...] are asking a different question "Prove they did it"

I said, rather explicitly

"It could possibly have been done this way" is not the same as "proved it can be done"

The papyrus said so....that's all you get from archaeology.

Yeah, I think I'll look elsewhere for insight in to archaeology. Reading doesn't seem to be your strong suit, and I doubt you could have made it through half a semester at your local community college.

Comment Re:Pffffft (Score 1) 235

I keep one in the house, one in each car, and one on my desk at work.

They're inexpensive, often less than $20, and could very well prove invaluable in an emergency.

It's the same reason you likely keep a first aid kit all of those places, like I do.

Of course, unlike the first aid kit, the hand-crank/solar radio doesn't require regular replacement. They're essentially a one-time cost. The one I have next to me is more than 10 years old and still works as well as the day I bought it. It just seems foolish not to make those a part of your normal emergency planning.

That doesn't mean you should give up your phone. After all, you can charge it with your emergency radio.

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