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Comment Re:WebAssembly = Not ready for prime time? (Score 1) 139

It runs perfectly fine for me on an old budget laptop. Movement is smooth, with no stuttering or slowdowns. I expected it to be a total flop once I saw the Unity logo.

I can only assume that you're trying to run this on your Kaypro II.

Still, that demo is a pretty stupid choice. There are many more interesting demos that better showcase the capabilities of modern browsers. That this is what they selected tells me more about the website operators than it does about WebAssembly.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 471

Conservatives in general oppose welfare

Only for "other people". They're more than happy to receive it.

so "ungrateful" is hardly a useful label either

I think it's okay. They think they deserve the handouts they'd deny to others because they believe themselves to be the "right kind of people" who "deserve it". 'Grateful' isn't an emotion I'd associate with them.

Comment Re:Obviously bullshit statement there (Score 3, Informative) 397

I used to work with a couple of NASA subcontractors who talked about when they would code by flipping 8 switches and then pressing a button to push that single byte of code into the computer.

That wasn't uncommon for early personal computers either. Try this in-browser simulations:

Kenbak-1 Emulator

MITS Altair Simulator

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