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Comment Re: LOL (Score 1) 238

That is why I only use Alexa in my bathroom where I do not typically have private conversations.

Your health insurance company will be canceling your policy real soon because of . . . "excessive flatulence" . . .

Damn! Where are my mod points when I need them?? LOL

Comment Re:ob XZIBIT (Score 1) 101

"YO DAWG I heard you like extorting people over mugshots so we took your mugshot and put it on so you can extort yourself for putting your mugshot up on while you put your mughshot up on so you can extort yourself for STACK OVERFLOW CORE DUMPED

Oh Gawd, I've gone cross-eyed!

Comment Re:"I know what I'm doing!" (Score 1) 135

Trust the folks who attempt to give you sage advice with no advantage to them. Ever have the misfortune of looking too long at a the arc of a welder's flash?

The funny thing is, funny strange not funny ha-ha, that it takes several hours to really pay dividends.

Yes indeed, battery acid and prayers to a God you didn't believe in this morning, either.

To quote Forrest Gump, "Stupid is as stupid does".

Comment Re:Slashdot bigots will appear shortly (Score 1) 228

I'll bait the Startrek fans instead:

Can't wait for the Hattori Hanzo laserswords. (GDARVVF)

Damn you! I was gong to post that. You took the words right off my keyboard!

Uma Thurman (a.k.a The Bride), somehow is frozen in cryo-stasis and re-awakens in the 23 century looking for Bee-Bee's great-great-great grandchild. She discovers that the child has been kidnapped by the Romulans and watch the green bloodbath while she slices and dices her way to her objective.

Comment Re:One of these devices... (Score 1) 259

Was involved in an alleged murder of a person here in Arkansas awhile back. Apparently, it did not contain nor record anything incriminating as the accused murder was acquitted. Here is one of the articles:

*accused murderer* was acquitted...

CORRECTION: The case was dismissed (not acquitted by jury) basically due to lack of evidence. The prosecutor stated via another TV station in our area that the case can be re-opened if the prosecutor finds more evidence.

Comment Re:Doesn't work when it's turned off [Re:That's a (Score 3, Insightful) 141

Kaspersky's antivirus doesn't protect against malware? Now you've really thrown down the gauntlet!

It doesn't protect when it's turned off. From TFA:

The worker's home machine got infected with the backdoor after he tried to install a pirated version of Microsoft Office. Not only is pirated software notorious for containing malware, but the worker apparently intentionally disabled his Kaspersky detection software to install the pirated software. The worker disabled it in order to run a tool known as a keygen that would generate a software key that would allow him to run the pirated Microsoft Office software on his machine. But that key-generation software turned out to contain a backdoor known as “Smoke Bot," “Smoke Loader,” and "Mokes" that was purportedly created by a Russian hacker in 2012 and sold on a Russian underground forum.

I hope this dork got fired for such incompetence....

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