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Comment Re:And the mouse strikes again (Score 1) 274

I have been on that damn mouse watch as well. Too bad people can't get behind/against this like they did net neutrality. Btw, corporate welfare knows has no specific party affiliation. Though I do think with Hollywood Hillary it would have been automatic that this thing would have been signed.


Twitter Will Start Hiding Tweets That 'Detract From the Conversation' ( 183

Yesterday, Twitter announced several new changes to quiet trolls and remove spam. According to Slate, the company "will begin hiding tweets from certain accounts in conversations and search results." In order to see them, you'll now have to scroll to the bottom of the conversation and click "Show more replies," or go into your search settings and choose "See everything." From the report: When Twitter's software decides that a certain user is "detract[ing] from the conversation," all of that user's tweets will be hidden from search results and public conversations until their reputation improves. And they won't know that they're being muted in this way; Twitter says it's still working on ways to notify people and help them get back into its good graces. In the meantime, their tweets will still be visible to their followers as usual and will still be able to be retweeted by others. They just won't show up in conversational threads or search results by default. The change will affect a very small fraction of users, explained Twitter's vice president of trust and safety, Del Harvey -- much less than 1 percent. Still, the company believes it could make a significant difference in the average user's experience. In early testing of the new feature, Twitter said it has seen a 4 percent drop in abuse reports in its search tool and an 8 percent drop in abuse reports in conversation threads.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 467

And those drones definitely won't "have any notion of right and wrong".

Maybe those drones don't need a notion of right or wrong. Maybe those drones could assess a battlefield situation better than a human - and prevent the loss of life. Both by preventing friendly fire casualties and/or by fighting more efficiently so that there does not need to be needless opposition deaths or collateral damage.

So the protesters and others in this thread assume that the drones will bring about more war, when the opposite is just as likely, if not more true.

The Internet

Chrome Tests Picture-in-Picture API To Show Floating Video Popups Outside the Browser ( 150

Browser makers are working on a new W3C API that will standardize Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode and allow websites to show a floating video popup outside the browser window itself. From a report: In the past, picture-in-picture has only been supported inside a web page's canvas as a floating window that only appeared inside the current website, as the user scrolled up and down the page. Some platforms added support for a picture-in-picture mode, but those were OS-specific APIs that worked with all sorts of video apps, not just browsers. Now, the Web Platform Incubator Community Group (WICG) at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), has released details about a browser-specific API for standardizing picture-in-picture interactions that allow websites to open an external "floating video" popup outside the browser window itself. [...] Chrome and Safari have already shipped out the new Picture-in-Picture API.

Comment Re:Coal, Nuclear or... flaky, fragile natural gas (Score 1) 308

You need to remember that Vermont Yankee had a design lifetime of 40 years, which it met with reasonable success. I always worry about what the thoughtful engineers of old were thinking when they said that the plant would last that long. There are a couple of aspects to this.

First and foremost, Nuclear power in its present state is completely unforgiving. While there are newer designs that overcome many of the problems, the fact remains Vermont was an aging nuclear plant. One of the cooling towers collapsed in itself near the end because of rusted bolts. While this per se was not a part of the critical area where the plant operated, it still highlights the type of problems that aging equipment faces. As good as plant operations may have been, this cooling tower failure was completely unanticipated.

This is actually the exact same type of failure that Fukushima fell victim too. No one predicted that there would be a Tsunami capable of taking out power to the plants which lead to the cascading failures (otherwise they would have caught the sea incursion flaw of the sea being able to get into the plant).

I suspect this was some of the thinking that the early engineers had. That the plant could become subject to failures that they could not predict because of aging equipment *or* an aging design like Fukushima (which had some of the same era Mark 1 designs that Vermont Yankee has). If Fukishima was a modern design, it perhaps could have withstood a complete loss of power like what happened there.

Clearly (imho) the way forward is with smaller, more contained nuclear plants and not relying on large monolithic plants that when they fail, they hurt the entire surrounding society.

I otherwise agree with your points. It's just that people need to realize that equipment does have limited timelines that it can reliably work. Vermont Yankee did meet what the original engineers intended. I submit that it needs to be replaced with another reactor that is a smaller, modern, and a safer design - rather than lament it's absence.

Comment You never go wrong with buying Microsoft (Score 3, Interesting) 81

There's probably a lot of corporations stocking up on this phone who developed in-house applications that run on Windows phones and not Android. Part of the reason for this is that they could have much better control over the phone/environment once it was in a worker's hand. There are inventory tracking companies that still use it.

Comment Yea no (Score 1) 141

Whatever happened to regular pencils and paper and having a computer lab for students? As a taxpayer do I really need outfit the marxists in training with every electronic gadget there is??

Guess what, you can do math without an ipad using just a pencil, paper, and maybe a $15 calculator. For wordprocessing, that's what a computer lab is for.

Comment Compare and contrast (Score 4, Insightful) 101

To a handful of bankers that *really* managed to cause billions of dollars of damage by crashing the entire American economy back in 2007/2008- days they spent in jail: 0.

I would say that his sentence would be appealable on that fact alone under the fourteenth amendment. However, since his assists are probably entirely gone, It's probably doubtful that he could mount a meaningful appeal.

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