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Comment Re:Cue for the following response (Score 1) 1122

Actually #3 isn't quite right, from wikipedia:

Unit 1 was designed for a peak ground acceleration of 0.18 g (1.74 m/s2) and a response spectrum based on the 1952 Kern County earthquake.[8] The design basis for Units 3 and 6 were 0.45 g (4.41 m/s2) and 0.46 g (4.48 m/s2) respectively.[15] All units were inspected after the 1978 Miyagi earthquake when the ground acceleration was 0.125 g (1.22 m/s2) for 30 seconds, but no damage to the critical parts of the reactor was discovered.[8] The design basis for tsunamis was 5.7 meters.[16]

So they modeled off a specific earthquake. But people certainly knew it was possible that a larger earthquake could happen. The probability of operational error for the plant was on the order of 10^4 or 10^5 and this thing was in operation for about 10^5 hours.

Comment Re:It's called effort and reward (Score 1) 150

Problem is, how do you make it 'difficult' without being 'grindy' outside of PvP, and still making it attainable for everyone with the dedication.

The WoW game at it's heart is simply too easy. It's intentionally set up so that clever tactics can't be used (simple physics, fake terrain, non-existent line of sight rules, etc.) and the longer it lives the more it just becomes about cycling through hotkeys.


Submission + - Facebook, MSFT, others back opensource networking (

Julie188 writes: "The Open Networking Foundation was announced this week in the hopes of fostering a new, open source-based approach to networking. The founding members are: Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and Yahoo. Almost immediately Cisco, Brocade, Juniper Networks, HP, Broadcom, Ciena, Riverbed Technology, Force10, Citrix, Dell, Ericsson, IBM, Marvell, NEC, Netgear, NTT and VMware also joined. Their goal is the adoption of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and an open source standard called OpenFlow. One notable name is missing from the list ... Vyatta."

Comment Re:This isn't the RIAA - this is US Congress (Score 1) 545

I'm personally tired of this idea that it's "okay" to lobby for anything because the Congress should be the moral perfect body of all knowledge - or something - and should ergo have the foresight to only pass perfectly just, perfectly moral laws. The Congress is comprised of flawed people. And anyway, by your own logic, it's not the fault of the reps., it's the fault of citizenry that did the voting.

Submission + - Prehistoric Garbage Piles Created 'Tree Islands' (

sciencehabit writes: Piles of garbage left by humans thousands of years ago may have helped form "tree islands" in the Florida Everglades--patches of relatively high and dry ground that rise from the wetlands. They stand between 1 and 2 meters higher than the surrounding landscape, can cover 100 acres or more, and host two to three times the number of species living in the surrounding marsh. Besides providing habitat for innumerable birds, the islands offer refuge for animals such as alligators and the Florida panther during flood season. The trash piles—a mix of discarded food, charcoal, shell tools, and broken pottery—would have been slightly higher and drier than the surrounding marsh, offering a foothold for trees, shrubs, and other vegetation.

Comment Math isn't that hard (Score 1) 583

It's just a way to talk about things that we observe in the world with some precision. If you're willing to put some thought in, you can probably figure it out. Your brain does math on it's own all the time, you just need a vocabulary. In essence, that vocabulary is moving math from one part of your brain to another through symbolism.

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