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Comment Another device is "good enough" (Score 4, Interesting) 215

Computers have reached that no later than 2008. A level of quality that is basically sufficient to satisfy nearly all users, and if all you really care about is office, that level was already reached before the millennium rolled over. You could easily tell that by simply looking at how long you keep your computer. This one here is now about 5 years old and I still have no reason to replace it. I don't think a computer would have lasted me 5 years back in 2000, simply because most new software wouldn't run on it properly.

Today I'm hard pressed to find software that doesn't run and if, I'd be hard pressed to say I want or even need that software.

Same with smartphones today. People can do what they want to do with the cellphones they already have. The need to upgrade because the new version of your OS doesn't run or to finally run the software you want to run smoothly simply isn't there anymore. Better graphics, more CPU power, ok, but what for? Until we replace our computers with cellphones, i.e. having docking stations that turn cellphones into desktop replacements, the need for that power simply isn't there.

Comment Umm... so ... well... (Score 1) 127

Who cares?

Seriously, does anyone still buy stuff where you have to jump through 10 hoops just to play the fucking game you just bought and still be accused of being a dirty, rotten bastard who might think of pondering considering or even dreaming of "pirating" it?

As long as you keep buying that shit, studios will think you're ok with it. It's your money, use it to show them what you think of their attempt to tell you when, how and if you may use software that you legally paid for.

Comment Oh no! (Score 4, Interesting) 21

Fewer kids participate in tackle sports! What are we going to do now that fewer kids get injured pointlessly? We have to do something, dammit, we can't have that!

What? No, kids still can't climb on trees or play tag outside, they could get hurt needlessly. But wholesome activities like smashing into each other during school activities that protects the revenue of the sports industry is something we have to protect and treasure.

Comment Re:Unpopular decision to get virtually nothing?! (Score 1) 207

That's pretty much what I said in another post. Trust, but verify. They're upfront and (as far as I can tell for now) honest with what they want to collect and for what reason. We can immediately find out what they collect by taking a look at the data that is being sent, this being OSS it's trivial to do.

I am willing to trust them that the data collected will be used in the way they claim. Of course I will register an email-address exactly for this operation and use an IP-Address that I dedicate to this machine to see what's going to happen. Will I get directed and targeted spam on the mail address used? That's the verify part.

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