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Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 294

Thank you for sharing. IMHO it seems a stretch to say that the entire marine fish biomass in the world's oceans has declined by 80% based on a URL that is clearly indicating "fisheries". I am sure fisheries have declined but I doubt that extrapolates into a decline for everything else. Could even mean other fish species are enjoying a boon of food because we're removing some of their competition from the equation. Just thinking out loud.

Comment P vs. NP (Score 2) 161

I've always felt that our meatbrains have a pretty incredible capacity for taking WAGs at NP problems (i.e. traveling salesman). And I feel like an AI would just bring itself to its knees trying to find the 100% best solution to NP questions asked of it, so I wonder if there's some need for a bit of cognitive code that says "is this an NP question? IF yes, go to the WAG process"... Just a thought I had... someone probably already did that.

Comment Stupid but...okay whatever. (Score 3, Insightful) 214

The truth is pretty simple: People who want to be distracted while driving will find a way to be distracted while driving. Doesn't matter if it's a cell phone, spacing out thinking about other things, eating a Royale with Cheese or any number of other possibilities. You can write laws until you're blue in the face but you aren't addressing the behavior with any of them. What we need is smart automobiles that can tell when the driver is getting a blo---errr, is distracted, and can compensate accordingly. Maybe even by driving the car autonomously for a few moments. Obviously it's not a coincidence that Google is working on just that kind of tech right now.

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