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Comment Re: Nosedive (Score 1) 598

Okay Grandma, you've got music on your computer you want to stream through the AppleTV. Where do you go?

"Is there an iAppleTV program?"

Nope, you go through iTunes.

Nope, you use the Apple TV, everything in your iTunes Library automagically appears on your Apple TV, and you use the Apple TV interface. Incidentally, if you do like to stream the other way, whichever programme you've used to store/catalogue your files will be where you have to go to initiate the streaming, that's not unique to Apple. There's no AndroidBox or GoogleTV program either.

Of course not! iPhoto does pictures!

Same as every other phone - usually photos and videos are synced using a photo program, or a dedicated photo syncing tool without any editing capabilities

"Oh. So I pick my pictures on iPhoto and they show up on the TV?"

Once you share them in iTunes, naturally!

iTunes does not handle photo sharing, this is where you reveal that you don't know what you're talking about and have made up a load of bullshit. Photos taken on an iPhone can be synced with iCloud and automatically appear on Apple TV, slideshows can be done directly from an iPhone or from iPhoto itself.

Okay now let's get your phone synced up. Let's say you want to sync your Michael Buble playlist to your phone. Where do you think you go?

" there an i-iPhone program? Or iSync?"

Nope, iTunes!

"Well that makes sense. Syncing music."

Of course! Now let's get you some apps! To the App Store!

"Oh, you mean this button on the bottom of the screen that says 'App Store?' I'm getting the hang of this!"

No, no silly granny! You can't buy iPhone apps from the App Store! You need to go to the App Store! In iTunes!

Or just buy them straight on the iPhone like someone who's not retarded

"... Of course. But what about my address book so I can send you a check for $12 on your birthday? Do I put that on my phone from Contacts?"

Of course not! iTunes

No, you use contacts




"Okay, I get it. iTunes for everything."

No, iTunes for music and movies, and syncing to your phone IF you haven't switched to using wifi syncing or cloud based syncing like everyone else did 2 years ago

Now let's get those pictures you snapped of your granddaughter off your phone! Where to?


Of course not! It's iPhoto for that!

You already did that

"Naturally. Now, I also took a video. So I get that from iMovie?"

Nope, guess again!

"iTunes, then?"

Silly Granny! iPhoto gets videos off your phone!

Same as every other phone...

"Okay, got it. iPhoto for photos and videos. So I also have this copy of Boynton Beach Memoirs I torrented off Pirate Bay (granny is a leet h4xx0r it seems). So I put that on the phone through iPhoto?"

Your Grandma uses bit torrent but is so demented she can't figure out the rest of the stuff for herself? Maybe you've been confusing her by all the bullshit you made up

Ugh, of course not! If you want to put videos ON your phone, you use iTunes!

"...Fuck it. Fuck all this shit. Fuck you, fuck Steve Jobs, fuck it all. I want a pen, a rotary phone, and a phonograph."

And this is the glue that holds together the Apple ecosystem. Phone to Mac? iTunes. Mac to AppleTV? iTunes. Unless unless unless... It doesn't Just Work. It's complicated and stupid.

No, it's simple. You're stupid

Comment Re:Quality vinyl pressings are still rare (Score 1) 278

Yep I agree with all of that. I don't think vinyl is "better" than CDs in some magical way, but everything in life is a compromise and vinyl has been unfairly judged in the past. A couple of years ago a friend of mine wanted me to DJ for her 1980s birthday party, I decided to do it properly, bought a couple of crummy DJ turntables on eBay and got out my old records. I had a laptop there for background music during the buffet, and I think a few people thought I was using mp3s and just playing with the turntables for effect. It was only when I put my finger on the record and the music stopped that they actually believed I was playing the music off 7" 45s. No-one complained about the sound quality, most people didn't even notice what I was doing, it was only the technically minded people that were curious. As for me, I had forgotten how tiring it is to choose the next track and cue it up within 2.5 minutes, spinning to the start of the music then turning back a quarter turn... great fun though!

Comment Re:Quality vinyl pressings are still rare (Score 1) 278

I think that's true. Also, if you look at the 'stack system' integrated pseudo-hifi devices from the 80s and 90s, probably 80% of the value was in the CD player and amp, 10% in the tape deck, 5% in the radio and 5% in the turntable/arm/cartridge combo. So many people at that time thought that vinyl sounded terrible and threw all their records away. Of course, well mastered source material will sound at worst just as good on CD compared to record, and records initially degrade much more quickly. On the other hand, I have several CDs now from my collection of about 300 that don't play - they aren't physically damaged on visual inspection, they just don't play. All of my non-physically-damaged vinyl LPs play, and most sound excellent when cleaned properly and played back on a decent turntable. When I'm a grandparent in 30 years' time, I will be able to play my LPs for my grandchildren (if they're interested) but the chances are most of my CDs will be unplayable by then. A combination of poor mastering, nasty quality pressings, and equally nasty playback equipment duped people into abandoning vinyl well before its time.

Comment Re:Not unexpected. (Score 1) 141

It's also common for people replying to posts to not read properly. I said manufacturers AND retailers lie, and in any case Apple is often the manufacturer and the retailer in this case via the Apple store. And you don't have to prove in the absolute sense that the defect was there, if you go to a County Court to make a claim against the retailer under the Sale of Goods Act in the UK, it's up to the magistrate to decide on the balance of probabilities. Generally, if you have used the item in the way it was intended and there is no evidence of physical damage, and it has not lasted a 'reasonable' period of time, they will find in favour of the purchaser.

Comment Re: Not unexpected. (Score 3, Informative) 141

You're describing the same thing twice, but just writing out the other obvious and necessary (and a few spurious) steps to completing the task. You forgot "open your eyes", "pay the electricity bill", "wear pants", "open the door to the room where your PC is kept" and a thousand and one other steps that really don't need mentioning.

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