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Comment I have an idea to speed up the web (Score 2) 99

Let us invent another new binary format, that is self contained (pictures, media, etc) with a rich API.
Each page would be a sigle file that coulb be cached by the browser. Nobody would be able to twick its content once deployed.
Of course we would need to have a specific editor to edit and compile it.

MMmmm and as it will be very fast, let us call it Flash.

Oh and by the way, as I do not expect a native implementation I would suggest to add it as a plugin first.

Comment Consequence of the very principles of Internet (Score 1) 165

The dangers that Tim Berner Lee describes are real. He call them gatekeepers. They are plain old monopolies. This is this classical situation when companies are taking advantage of infrastructures with decreasing marginal costs (e.g. rails). In the case of digital economy, marginal costs goes down to almost zero. That enables the creation and existence of monster sized companies with monster profits. On top of that their influence through search functions and social medias on public opinion is tremendously dangerous.

The novelty here is what Jean Tirole calls the biface markets where companies provide free services that are subsidised by other services (ads).

What (liberals) people fail to see is that all this is the very consequence of the founding principles of the Internet: a network without boundaries that refuses to regulate the service level. Or, a packet is worth another packet and that is all that count. This is dogma. This pure form of liberalism inevitably create almost pure monopolies. Only powerful authoritarian states as China are able to push back and impose their conditions.

The heart of the problem is that the real Internet governance is stopping at IP / UDP / TCP and DNS level. All the other RFC are not enforced. In a normal network, some general functions such as search (Google), directory (Facebook) would be part of the infrastructure and a common services. Communication services (chat, calls) would a real obligation of interoperability, compliance and interconnection. In a sane world, you could post on Facebook using your Google+ account maybe against a subscription.

SPAM is the other consequences of free services everywhere. No accountability for any e-mail sender that sends millions of fake e-mail. No real administration of this communication service.

By refusing to regulate and administrate on service level in the name of "innovation" we create a "winner take all" situation and let companies outgrow public authorities power's. We also create a space where abuser can cheat people using these free services. And to thank the authorities, GAFA compagnies are even "optimizing" their taxe - or to say it plainly - evading legally taxes and let the bridges and road crumble in the US.

It is true that so much has been created by this deregulation. I do not believe that was a bad thing at the beginning: liberalism is efficient usually more efficient in emerging markets. But now, part of the Internet is becoming mature enough so public authorities could put their nose back in the fray and regulate net neutrality - not at the network level but at the SERVICE level.

But this is sooo unamerican.

And many think that private sector > public sector

And we would need a worldwide consensus anyway.

Not gonna happen soon.

Comment Net Neutrality ah ah LOL ! Net neutrality mantra (Score 1) 20

Mwahahahh ! AAhahahahha ! Lol !

21st century is WONDERFUL

You have a bunch of guys that advocate for net neutrality for good reasons but then it kills off all attempts to have Internet wide class of service.
Then you have the most powerful value added service provide taking over a lot of core Internet with private interconnects, AI and a lot of smart things. Then it offers ... a diffenciated class of service with a different price

And you know what? The other cloud provider CANNOT offer the same because there is not Internet wide class of service !!!


Signed: an old telco engineer

Submission + - iOS 10 deprecate crutial API for VoIP and communication apps (apple.com)

neutrino38 writes: iOS 10 has been released in september 2016. It contains a technical change that has been overlooked by the general public. It deprecates an API that is crutial for VoIP and other instant messaging applications that enable to keep one socket active despite of the fact that the application would run in background. As replacement, developpers needs to use the PushKit: when an incoming call is to be forwarded to an iOS VoIP client

the VoIP infrastructure needs to :
  • withold the call
  • contact Apple push infrastructure using a proprietary protocol to wake up the client app remotely
  • wait for the application to reconnect to the infrastructure and release the call when it is ready

This "I know better than you" approach is ment to further optimize battery life on iOS devices by avoiding the use of resources by apps running in background. It has also the positive effect to force developpers to switch to push model and remove all periodic pollings that ultimately use mobile data and clog the Internet.

However, the decision to use an Apple infrastructure has many consequences for VoIP providers:

  • in order to serve iOS app, those infrastructure will need to be tied with Apple service so the reliability of serving incoming calls is directly bound to Apple service.
  • Apple may revoke the PushKit certificate. It has then life and death decision power over third party communication infrastructures.
  • organisation wanting to setup IPBX and use iOS client have no option but to open access for the push services of Apple in their firewall.
  • It is not possible to have iOS VoIP or communication client in network disconnected from the Internet.
  • Pure standard SIP client are now broken on iOS

This is the perfect walled garden. Ironically, the only VoIP "app" that is not affected is the (future ?) VoLTE client that will be added to iOS one day.May be the day of over the top communication services are numbered on iOS.

Comment Re:AI? (Score 1) 67

Well no that is not silly at all. Modern video codecs are in fact a toolbox containing different techniques that are more suited for such r such type of scenes.
- action movies would have better movment over definition
- still sequences
- sequences where only part of the scene is moving.

Using deep neural network to
1- identify which type of scene and adjust codec settings on the fly
2- compare the rendering to the original uncompressed version
3- readjust if necessary and learn from the situation

would be a breakthrough IMHO.

Submission + - French politician uses hologram to hold meeting in two cities at the same time. (lemonde.fr)

neutrino38 writes: The French presidential election is approaching fast. One of the candidate, Jean-Luc Melanchon used an hologram to hold two public meeting at once. With a political program that is mostly socialist and very left leaning, some people pointed out that he used private innovation to stand out from the crowd.

Comment End of Plugins = Techno racism (Score 2) 163

This move from Mozilla foundation is consistent with what we have seen happening with Chrome, Edge. It has been initiated long by Apple which decided to drop flash support on their mobile device.

The motivation of these move are well known: less battery usage, more security. For general public it is justified.

However there are a whole range of corporate application that relied and still rely on plug-ins. Not just flash. So deep down, by not providing at least a supported version of browser with plugin, the industry is building a monolithic platform ...again. Single language, single platform. Its about control not user choice.

The argument that HTML5 is now mature enough does not fly very far. Mature enough for common web app sure. But it you start using advanced feature such as WebRTC, you'll start seeing glitches and incompatibilities that pushes some service to advertize "please use Chrome" ...

The fact is that now people in general (users, developers and software editors) are techno racists. They want security and despite technology that is not 'like them'. So the prefer to slam the door and drop the plugins and by decree ban any foreign technology from our beloved HTML / JS free platform.

This is unfortunately consistent with the behavior of the political world of today ...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Apple and IP V6

Apple Computer announced last year that starting from June 1, 2016, they would not accept any application that would not support IP V6 only networks. This is a good move from a major player that could increase the acceptance of IP V6. We understand that this protocol is also the preferred choice for telco operator that are getting headeache dealing with IP V4 exhausion.

Submission + - The fall of the stupid network (hyperorg.com)

neutrino38 writes: If you are in the tech field, you could not miss the attack that occurred on DynDNS service. It hit the general news as well.

This caused disruption on many services that are popular in the US. Ars Technical has an article about it The novelty is that devices such as wifi routers and IP cameras and other compromised connected devices were used to create a large scale distributed attack

There was a warning: OVH, the popular French hoster was hit by such an attack a few weeks ago. Now it reminds me the triumphant article written in 1997, "The Rise of the Stupid Network". That approach has founded and still founding the technical setup of the Internet as we know it. As a telco engineer, I believe that while it freed a lot of innovations, it is a very naive american approach. Many network extremist neutrality advocates also stick to this not fully understanding the consequences of their choices. For my part, I believe that network deserving massive user bases needs end to end management tools.

In the case of this attack, DNS queried with random names causing DNS provider overflooding. Good ! Then, each access provider should maintain at least a cached version of the most popular DNS zone and changes should bu pushed to them. How come that DNS queries cannot be cached locally?

More generally, network admins need to step up on all this, congregate and alter the Internet structure so legit services are declared, checked, hardened the rest of the grey or dark services can be blocked easily in case such abuse occurs.

Submission + - Would redundancy and really long TTL have countered a lot of DDOS effects? (medium.com) 1

marmot7 writes: My primary takeaways from this article was that it's important to have redundancy (additional NS's) and that it's important to have a very long TTL when you're not actively updating something. Would the measures in this article have at least limited the damage of these attacks? The long TTL change alone would have made the cache likely covered the entire attack, right?

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