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Submission + - SPAM: The race to replace Ryan at Ways and Means has begun

michaelbtabarez13 writes:

The race to replace Paul Ryan as chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee is on and it is shaping up to beÂa two-man battle between Republican Reps. Kevin Brady and Pat Tiberi. Ryan movedÂcloser to securing the speakers gavel after he wonÂthe support, if not the official endorsement, on Wednesday of the hard []

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Submission + - SPAM: Oâ(TM)Malley, greeted with a picture of him shirtless, makes his case on &#

michaelbtabarez13 writes:

Democratic presidential hopeful Martin Oâ(TM)Malley, who badly needs some more national exposure, got plenty on Tuesday during an appearance on âoeThe View.â The former Maryland governor was welcomed by the ABC showâ(TM)s five female hosts with tweets about how âoehotâ he was during the first Democratic debate, a photo of him shirtless and comments about []

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Submission + - SPAM: New York Times launches virtual reality project

michaelbtabarez13 writes: The New York Times has announced a new virtual reality project, NYT VR, with plans to send Google Cardboard viewers to home delivery subscribers the weekend of November 7-8. Times Insider subscribers and a selection of Times digital subscribers will receive promo codes to redeem for a free Google Cardboard viewer. An NYT VR app will be available in the Google Play and iOS stores beginning November 5 with compatibility for iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+.
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Submission + - SPAM: Malaysia's opposition submits no-confidence motion against PM Najib

michaelbtabarez13 writes: A Malaysian opposition lawmaker has submitted notice for a motion of no confidence against embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak for Mondays parliament, when he will face the toughest test of his political career over a graft scandal. Najibs tight grip on his United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party has kept him in power despite public anger over alleged graft and financial mismanagement at strategic investment fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), whose advisory board the prime minister chairs. Mondays motion of no confidence is unlikely to succeed as the opposition is about 25 seats short of a majority, but adds to pressure on Najib after a report in July said investigators were looking into troubled state fund 1MDB and had found close to $700 million deposited in his personal bank account.
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Submission + - SPAM: Obamaâ(TM)s Afghanistan announcement inspires we-told-you-so from Republica

michaelbtabarez13 writes:

President Obamaâ(TM)s announcement Thursday that the United States will maintain a force of 5,500 troops in Afghanistan past the end of his White House tenure is inspiring a Greek chorus of we-told-you-so from his Republican critics in Congress. Leading Republican hawks have long been beating the drum for an increased troop presence in Afghanistan â" []

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Submission + - SPAM: 7 Reasons Why Completing A Triathlon Should Be On Your Bucket List

michaelbtabarez13 writes: Reasons A Triathlon Should Be On Your Bucket List The Seven Reasons You Should Get Off Your Ass And Try A Triathlon

I know, I know It’s a really long race and you’ve never thought of yourself as an athlete. Or you train every day but you hate running. You’re afraid of sharks. You never learned to ride a bike. You don’t have enough “free time on your hands.” I get it. There are endless excuses not to do a triathlon. Above all is that a triathlon is flat out difficult and scary. But there are just as many good reasons to do one (not to mention bragging rights). That’s exactly why you should pull your balls out of your purse and do one. I did. Here’s what I learned:

You ARE healthy! Working in fitness I’ve met so many humans with athletic gifts. I’ve also met many with serious limitations; missing limbs, paralyzed by trauma or crippled by disease. Yet nonetheless, they pushed themselves daily, far beyond what their physical limitations allow. I was and am, inspired by these people. Because I love a good adventure and I live for exercise, I decided to do the one thing I was afraid of. Something I thought I was incapable of — well, there’s marriage, but that’s another story. So I took myself out of the comfort zone and signed up.

You Have The Time: My life is extremely busy. I thought finding the 5-10 hours a week necessary for training would be impossible. Once I committed to making the time those hours magically appeared. Do you lose some sleep and the casual #SundayFunday? Sure. Are there times when it feels like all work and no play? Yes. Less time for Instagram? Absolutely. But after my triathlon I liberated an extra 5-10 hours a week that now go to my passions and new goals. Plus the amount of mental clarity and personal intimacy I developed was priceless.

Physical Change: Sure you get in the gym with the same routine a couple times a week. When’s the last time you noticed a difference? Nothing changes your body like cross-training. Your ass gets higher and tighter. Thighs and calves get more toned (boy, do I love thick strong thighs on a man). Abs peek through or shred to a whole new washboard level. Your lats get huge and give you that super man body, and you skin glows from the daily detox by sweating like a nun in a cucumber patch.

Mental Strength: When you’re hundreds of yards out in the open ocean with no life vest, or 20 miles into your ride, you quickly realize that there’s no one there to rely on but yourself. Then you discover YOU actually have YOUR back. Every time you train you surprise yourself by learning something new about the sport, new about your insecurities, and just how capable you really are. Quickly you realize your body has become an efficient, well-oiled machine. Best of all, you’ve trained your mental game strong enough to get you through this insanely challenging task. If you think a triathlon is physical, you’re wrong. It’s mental. “Whether you think you can, or you think can’t — you’re right.” Henry Ford knew a thing or two about a thing or two.

Sense Of Purpose: I have donated to countless non-profits and worked with many charity events, but there is something profound about being the one actually DOING the work. Sweat equity is real. For my triathlon I participated with a group called Team in Training. We raised money for leukemia and lymphoma because, well fuck cancer and philanthropy feels good. I was blessed with a strong and capable body, so when my endurance ran low and my courage drained, I swam for the ones who will never see the ocean again. I rode for the kids that will never feel the freedom of a bicycle and I ran because I have all four limbs. All I had to do was keep moving and my purpose became more than just a hashtag. When’s the last time you could say that?

Fear Is Fake: Fear only appears real until you’ve conquered it. Face it. Fear prohibits you from living your full potential. It holds you back from experiencing the true power of the mind/body connection. Once conquered, you’re left feeling proud and confident. That’s something tangible you can take with you. And let’s be real, confidence is one of the sexiest qualities a man can exude. Not to mention you may have fought off a shark or two. The ladies will love that (a little fabrication never hurt anyone).

Happiness is the byproduct of achieving your goals. So when’s the last time you pushed yourself and overcame something you thought you couldn’t do? You only live once, so try anything twice and let the training begin!

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Submission + - SPAM: Trump still playing Steven Tyler's 'Dream On,' regardless of cease-and-desist le

michaelbtabarez13 writes:

Steven Tyler is the most recent rocker to differ with Donald Trump.

The Aerosmith frontman asked the billionaire to stop utilizing the bands timeless stone attacked "Dream On" at his project occasions and also rallies in a cease-and-desist letter Saturday, according to the Associated Press.

However, just two days later, a bold Trump strolled onto the stage to "Dream On" at the "No Labels Trouble Solver Convention" in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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