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Monday September 28, 2015 @01:23PM BBC Wars: Tardis strikes back
Monday April 29, 2013 @01:18AM Perpetual Motion Test Could Amend Theory of Time
Saturday November 17, 2012 @04:28AM The New Series of Doctor Who: Fleeing From Format?
Thursday April 14, 2011 @11:34PM Chinese Censors Crack Down on Time Travel
Friday March 18, 2011 @02:40AM Large Hadron Collider is a Time Machine?
Thursday May 06, 2010 @05:46AM Austria Converts Phone Booths To EV Chargers
Wednesday May 13, 2009 @07:36PM Illusion Cloak Makes One Object Look Like Another
Thursday February 26, 2009 @02:16PM NASA Contest To Name ISS Module
Tuesday February 17, 2009 @03:17AM Physics Experiments To Inspire Undergraduates?
Tuesday January 20, 2009 @01:00PM The Science and Physics of Back To the Future
Saturday January 03, 2009 @10:32PM Actor Matt Smith Will Be 11th Doctor Who
Monday December 08, 2008 @03:29PM Adobe Building Zoetrope, a Web "Time Machine"
Monday October 20, 2008 @05:45PM UK UFO Sightings Declassified, Still No Intergalactic Relations
Tuesday September 09, 2008 @08:40AM "Water Bears" First Animals to Survive Trip Into Space Naked
Tuesday October 09, 2007 @11:06AM Time Dimension To Become Space-like
Thursday March 22, 2007 @05:59PM Doctor Who Series Four Is A Go
Thursday May 18, 2006 @09:18AM Google: The Missing Manual, Second Edition