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Tuesday January 26, 2016 @02:30PM Graphene-Based Coating Could Act As a Real-time De-Icer For Aircraft
Sunday June 28, 2015 @04:57PM WSJ Overstates the Case Of the Testy A.I.
Friday April 13, 2012 @08:37PM Valve Hiring Hardware Developers
Friday May 06, 2011 @02:52PM Scientists Afflict Computers With Schizophrenia
Monday April 18, 2011 @08:11AM Google Teaches Computers "Regret"
Tuesday June 01, 2010 @12:30PM iRobot Demonstrates New Weaponized Robot
Wednesday September 23, 2009 @09:05AM Soviets Built a Doomsday Machine; It's Still Alive
Thursday August 20, 2009 @11:48AM Neural Networks-Equipped Robots Evolve the Ability To Deceive
Friday August 14, 2009 @10:25PM Team Aims To Create Pure Evil AI
Sunday July 26, 2009 @01:14PM Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man
Monday April 06, 2009 @06:49PM Robot Makes Scientific Discovery (Mostly) On Its Own
Wednesday April 01, 2009 @11:10PM Google Launches CADIE, the First True AI
Friday February 27, 2009 @06:16PM Florida Lab Gets Pregnant
Friday October 31, 2008 @11:41PM Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth
Wednesday September 10, 2008 @01:21PM LHC Success!
Thursday July 10, 2008 @11:14PM Photonic Switching to Boost Internet Speeds
Saturday March 08, 2008 @02:38PM Mega-Cash Prizes and Revolutionary Science
Friday February 22, 2008 @09:26PM Sandia Wants To Build Exaflop Computer
Monday February 18, 2008 @06:11AM Artificial Intelligence at Human Level by 2029?
Tuesday February 12, 2008 @07:39AM DARPA Advances AI Program For Air Traffic Control
Sunday February 10, 2008 @02:25PM Name the New Gamma-Ray Space Telescope
Tuesday January 22, 2008 @06:30PM Portal, Bioshock Lead Game Developer's Choice Nominations
Friday January 18, 2008 @12:16AM Industrial Robot Arm Becomes Giant Catapult
Wednesday December 26, 2007 @05:10PM Russian GPS Alternative Near Completion
Saturday October 27, 2007 @08:01AM Nissan Adds Robot Helper To Its Concept Car