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Saturday January 20, 2018 @11:24PM Flat Earther Plans New Rocket Launch, Predicts Super Bowl-Sized Ratings
Wednesday April 10, 2013 @08:41PM Iran Plans To Launch an 'Islamic Google Earth'
Wednesday February 15, 2012 @01:09PM Leaked Heartland Institute Documents Reveal Opposition To Science
Thursday September 29, 2011 @01:29AM 150th Anniversary of Greenhouse Climate Theory
Thursday March 03, 2011 @03:47PM A Half-Gigabyte View of the Moon
Sunday February 28, 2010 @04:19AM Unfriendly Climate Greets Gore At Apple Meeting
Wednesday February 17, 2010 @01:03PM Utah Assembly Passes Resolution Denying Climate Change
Tuesday July 14, 2009 @03:28AM NASA Has the Lost Tapes
Sunday June 29, 2008 @06:45AM Anti-Evolution "Academic Freedom" Bill Passed In Louisiana
Tuesday March 04, 2008 @01:16PM Bill Allows Teachers to Contradict Evolution
Saturday February 23, 2008 @09:11AM New Science Standards Approved in Florida
Sunday December 02, 2007 @03:03PM Bolivian Salt Flats Aid Spacecraft Calibration
Friday January 12, 2007 @09:27PM Global Warming Only a Theory, Says School Board
Wednesday November 22, 2006 @03:11PM Creationism Museum To Open Next Summer