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Monday July 17, 2017 @03:54PM Facebook's AI Keeps Inventing Languages That Humans Can't Understand
Saturday January 03, 2015 @12:45PM What Language Will the World Speak In 2115?
Tuesday March 13, 2012 @03:57AM Microsoft Shows Off Adaptive, Multilingual Text to Speech System
Monday August 31, 2009 @01:46PM The Orange Goo That Could Save Your Laptop
Thursday August 06, 2009 @11:24AM NASA To Invest In Commercial Crew Concepts
Tuesday April 21, 2009 @02:50AM US Military Issuing iPod Touches To Soldiers
Tuesday August 26, 2008 @07:47AM c3po
Tuesday February 05, 2008 @07:10PM Dutch Unveil Robot Gas Station Attendant
Thursday June 01, 2006 @10:55AM Droids on the ISS