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Thursday November 09, 2017 @08:12PM Alphabet's Project Loon Delivers Internet To 100,000 People In Puerto Rico
Tuesday November 07, 2017 @01:51PM Alphabet Is Finally Taking the Driver Out of Some of Its Driverless Cars
Friday November 03, 2017 @04:57PM Alphabet Loses Another Trade Secret Claim In Its Lawsuit Against Uber
Friday October 27, 2017 @03:12PM Alphabet's Waymo Will Test Self-Driving Cars In Snowy Detroit
Thursday October 19, 2017 @04:23PM Alphabet Invests $1 Billion In Lyft
Thursday October 12, 2017 @03:22PM Alphabet's Waymo Demanded $1 Billion In Settlement Talks With Uber
Monday October 09, 2017 @04:55PM Alphabet's Waymo and Intel Are Launching Public Campaigns To Build Trust In Self-Driving Cars
Thursday September 28, 2017 @01:40PM Google Quietly Discontinues NFC Smart Unlock Without Explanation
Monday September 25, 2017 @03:17PM Waymo Clarifies It Actually Wants $1.8 Billion From Uber
Wednesday September 20, 2017 @11:08AM Slashdot Asks: Why Does Google Want To Purchase HTC?
Monday September 11, 2017 @12:15PM Google Challenges Record EU Antitrust Fine in Court
Thursday September 07, 2017 @06:25PM Google Is Apparently Ready To Buy Smartphone Maker HTC
Friday September 01, 2017 @04:26PM Alphabet Wraps Up Reorganization With a New Company Called XXVI
Friday August 25, 2017 @04:43PM Your Personal Information Is Now the World's Most Valuable Commodity
Friday August 25, 2017 @03:56PM Waymo Built a Fake City In California To Test Self-Driving Cars
Thursday August 10, 2017 @03:08PM Tesla Looking To Start Testing Autonomous Semi In 'Platoon' Formation
Tuesday July 25, 2017 @12:59PM House Panel Wants Google, Facebook, AT&T CEOs To Testify On Internet Rules
Wednesday July 19, 2017 @01:39PM EU Court to Rule On 'Right to Be Forgotten' Outside Europe
Thursday July 06, 2017 @04:41PM Space Data Lawsuit Has Alphabet's Project Loon In Jeopardy
Tuesday June 27, 2017 @05:29AM Google Slapped With $2.7 Billion By EU For Skewing Searches
Friday June 23, 2017 @01:16PM YouTube Claims 1.5 Billion Monthly Users
Thursday June 22, 2017 @03:10PM Alphabet Says Uber Knew About Stolen Self-Driving Car Files
Friday June 16, 2017 @09:33AM EU Poised To Fine Google More Than $1 Billion in Antitrust Case
Friday June 09, 2017 @09:41AM Google Has Finally Found a Buyer For Its Scary Robot Companies Boston Dynamics and Schaft: SoftBank
Friday June 02, 2017 @02:56PM Google Could Face a $9 Billion EU Fine For Rigging Search Results In Its Favor
Wednesday May 17, 2017 @11:59AM Google's Balloons Connect Flood-hit Peru
Tuesday May 16, 2017 @05:00PM The Tech Sector Is Leaving the Rest of the US Economy In Its Dust
Friday May 12, 2017 @08:11AM Microsoft Is Surprisingly Comfortable With Its New Place In a Mobile, Apple, and Android World
Thursday May 11, 2017 @11:18PM Waymo's Case Against Uber Sent By Judge To US Prosecutors
Wednesday May 10, 2017 @10:16AM Slashdot Asks: Which Tech Giant You Can't Live Without?
Tuesday April 25, 2017 @10:58AM Alphabet's Self-Driving Cars To Get Their First Real Riders
Tuesday April 11, 2017 @04:02PM Alphabet Wants Its Lawsuit Against Uber To Play Out Publicly
Wednesday April 05, 2017 @03:09PM Uber Finds One Allegedly Stolen Waymo File -- On An Employee's Personal Device
Tuesday March 14, 2017 @09:53AM Alphabet's Jigsaw Wants To Explain Tech Jargon To You, Launches Sideways Dictionary
Friday March 10, 2017 @02:33PM Alphabet's Waymo Asks Judge To Block Uber From Using Self-Driving Car Secrets
Thursday February 23, 2017 @09:03PM Alphabet's Waymo Sues Uber For Allegedly Stealing Self-Driving Secrets
Wednesday February 01, 2017 @01:23PM Leaked Video Shows New 'Nightmare-Inducing' Wheeled Robot From Boston Dynamics
Wednesday January 11, 2017 @01:32PM Google is Killing Its Solar-Powered Internet Drone Program
Monday December 19, 2016 @06:31PM Alphabet's Waymo Reveals Its Self-Driving Chrysler Pacifica Minivans
Thursday December 15, 2016 @07:37AM Donald Trump To Tech Leaders: 'No Formal Chain Of Command' Here
Friday December 09, 2016 @02:39PM Alphabet Donated Its Employees' Holiday Gifts To Charity
Monday November 14, 2016 @11:18PM US Internet Firms Ask Trump To Support Encryption, Ease Regulations
Tuesday November 08, 2016 @06:20PM Alphabet's 'Project Wing' Drone Service Nixes Starbucks Partnership
Thursday November 03, 2016 @10:22AM Google Rejects EU Antitrust Charges, Says Evidence is Lacking
Monday October 31, 2016 @07:03PM Google's Schmidt Drew Up Draft Plan For Clinton In 2014
Tuesday October 25, 2016 @08:21PM Google Fiber Pauses Operations, CEO Leaves, and About 9 Percent of Staff Is Being Let Go
Monday October 03, 2016 @05:46PM Google Fiber Is Now a Fiber and Wireless ISP
Thursday September 29, 2016 @05:54PM Google Rebrands 'Apps for Work' To 'G Suite,' Adds New Features
Wednesday September 28, 2016 @04:57PM Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft Come Together To Create Historic Partnership On AI
Thursday September 22, 2016 @03:36PM Taiwan Asks Google To Blur Its Military Facilities In South China Sea
Thursday September 08, 2016 @03:35PM Alphabet Partners With Chipotle To Deliver Burritos Using Drones
Thursday September 08, 2016 @10:11AM Google To Buy Apigee For $625 Million To Expand Enterprise
Wednesday August 31, 2016 @04:41PM Google's DeepMind To Apply AI In Head and Neck Cancer Treatments
Tuesday August 30, 2016 @02:39PM Google To Take On Uber With New Ride-Share Service
Friday August 26, 2016 @09:38AM Alphabet's Nest Wants to Build a 'Citizen-Fueled' Power Plant
Thursday August 25, 2016 @03:03PM Google Fiber To Cut Staff In Half After User Totals Disappoint, Says Report
Thursday August 11, 2016 @12:31AM Google Ventures CEO and Founder Bill Maris Is Leaving
Wednesday August 03, 2016 @03:36PM Alphabet Will Begin Testing Project Wing Delivery Drones In the US
Monday August 01, 2016 @03:12PM Google's Alphabet and GSK Forge $715 Million Bioelectronic Firm To Fight Diseases Without Meds
Friday July 22, 2016 @02:55PM Google Fiber Reminds People It's a 'Real Business'
Tuesday July 19, 2016 @09:49AM Google Is Spending Half a Billion Dollars To Curry Europe's Favor
Thursday July 14, 2016 @02:32PM Google Hit By New Round Of Antitrust Charges In Europe
Tuesday June 28, 2016 @02:58PM Let's Stop Freaking Out About Artificial Intelligence
Thursday June 09, 2016 @10:07AM Larry Page Is Secretly Working On a Flying Car
Monday June 06, 2016 @12:24PM Nest's Time At Alphabet: A 'Virtually Unlimited Budget' With No Results
Friday June 03, 2016 @04:59PM Nest CEO Tony Fadell Steps Down After Tumultuous Two Years At Google
Friday June 03, 2016 @10:25AM It's Time To Ignore Petty Politics and Focus On 'Transformative' Tech: Eric Schmidt
Friday May 20, 2016 @06:09PM A Third Of Cash Is Held By 5 US Tech Companies
Friday April 29, 2016 @04:30PM Google Files Patent For Injecting A Device Directly Into Your Eyeball
Sunday April 24, 2016 @04:20PM Report: Google Developing New 'Area 120' Corporate Incubator
Friday April 15, 2016 @10:51PM Google Fiber Wants To Beam Wireless Internet To Your Home
Wednesday April 13, 2016 @10:00AM In the Age of Trump, Tech CEOs Cast Themselves As the New Statesmen
Wednesday April 06, 2016 @01:09PM Google Reveals Own Security Regime Policy Trusts No Network, Ever
Wednesday April 06, 2016 @10:37AM Nest Reminds Customers That Ownership Isn't What It Used To Be
Tuesday April 05, 2016 @06:57AM Alphabet's Nest To Deliberately Brick Revolv Hubs
Thursday March 24, 2016 @01:24PM Starboard Launches Proxy Fight To Remove Entire Yahoo Board
Thursday March 17, 2016 @01:16PM Google Puts Boston Dynamics Up For Sale In Robotics Retreat
Monday February 15, 2016 @09:16PM At X, Failure Is Not an Option: It's a Feature (Astro Teller's 2016 TED Talk)
Tuesday February 09, 2016 @12:37AM Google Working On Wireless Charging For Self-Driving Cars
Sunday February 07, 2016 @05:51PM Report: Google Will Go In Big For VR Hardware This Year
Sunday November 29, 2015 @08:37PM Israel Meets With Google and YouTube To Discuss Censoring Videos
Thursday October 29, 2015 @10:54AM Google Fiber Goes Down During World Series, Credits KC 2 Days of Service
Thursday October 22, 2015 @08:03AM "YouTube Red" Offers Premium YouTube For $9.99 a Month, $12.99 For iOS Users