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Jesse Maddox writes: "Recently ( received a Cease & Desist letter from Barnes & Noble, with BN threatening to sue us for "damages, profits, costs and attorney's fees" for violating and infringing Barnes & Noble's "exclusive rights in the copyrighted work." BrunoBooks collects textbook information from the Barnes & Noble website at Harvard, and uses this information to allow students to compare prices at the bookstore with those of online vendors. The problem is that the copyright claims are patently false, as explained by Wendy Seltzer from Harvard Law School's Berkman Center: "I think Barnes & Noble is deliberating misinterpreting the law...They're claiming broader protections than the law would give us." According to Seltzer, who read the cease and desist letter, copyright law only covers the selection and arrangement of factual information and not the information itself, such as textbook titles and prices. Said BrunoBooks CEO Jesse Maddox, "Perhaps Barnes & Noble would be better off devoting more resources to finding ways to reduce textbook prices, rather than hiring lawyers to harass and intimidate startups with bogus legal claims." Or did Amazon just beat them to that? ("
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Harvard Bookstore Bogus Legal Threat to Startup

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