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Submission + - The Sun is Shrinking, so much for evolution? (

lamare writes: "On the site of the Institute for Creation Research there's an interesting article about the shrinking size of the sun:

"Does the size of the sun change over the years? Recently, "John A. Eddy (Harvard -Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and High Altitude Observatory in Boulder) and Aram A. Boornazian (a mathematician with S. Ross and Co. in Boston) have found evidence that the sun has been contracting about 0.1% per century...corresponding to a shrinkage rate of about 5 feet per hour." [...] How far back in the past must one go to have a sun so large that its surface touches the surface of the earth? [...] Assuming that the rate of shrinkage has not changed with time, then the surface of the sun would touch the surface of the earth at a time in the past equal to or approximately 20 million B.C. However, the time scales required for organic evolution range from 500 million years to 2,000 million years. It is amazing that all of this evolutionary development, except the last 20 million years, took place on a planet that was inside the sun. By 20 million B.C., all of evolution had occurred except the final stage, the evolution of the primate into man.""

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The Sun is Shrinking, so much for evolution?

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