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Submission + - Remote slow multi-site Windows network dilemma

Wasteofspace writes: "I am the IT Admin for a medium sized corporation with 40+ networked sites (usually 2 or three staff per site), all connected with various network connections ranging from 64k ISDN to 384k Sat to 512/512k DSL. We have 2 large sites with 70+ people, one with a 2MB frame relay, the other 10MB ethernet.

Obviously this is a dream setup for Terminal Services/Citrix, though it appears that previous engineers screwed the Citrix implementation so badly that it has been almost impossible to try and sell it to the senior managers again.

I have walked into the joint with some sites having a 2003 server, most storing their files either to a cheap NAS, or to their local disks. Email is through a thick outlook client chatting across to an exchange server on a 10MB link. Certain apps are still running on Citrix, mainly financial systems.

I need to get this network under some sort of control, and my two major headaches are managing and backing up the files across these sites, and implementing some sort of disaster recovery/business continuity solution.

My thoughts are to continue pushing the Terminal Services solution, migrate all data to a central repository, and set up some basic redundancy for all sites that have only one method of connecting.

I have no idea how to turn the server environment into a high availability setup while maintaining the requirement of the DR site being 30km from the primary site, while not being able to connect the two at decent speeds for replication.

Any one have any wisdom to share??"
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Remote slow multi-site Windows network dilemma

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