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Submission + - Windows 7 to get "XP Mode" ( 1

Shadow7789 writes: "Over a month ago, we were briefed about a secret Microsoft technology that we were told would be announced alongside the Windows 7 Release Candidate and would ship in final form simultaneously with the final version of Windows 7. This technology, dubbed Windows XP Mode (XPM, formerly Virtual Windows XP or Virtual XP, VXP), dramatically changes the compatibility story for Windows 7." Does this bode poorly for Windows 7 compatibility or is Microsoft admitting the mistake they made with Vista's?
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Windows 7 to get "XP Mode"

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  • This tactic worked great for me when I upgraded from XP to Ubuntu. While just about everything I needed to do was available in Ubuntu, there were (and still are) a few legacy apps that require Windows XP. Booting up my XP image under VirtualBox is nearly instant since the OS never really needs to be shutdown. Of course, the fact that it can run seamlessly with my Ubuntu desktop is a bonus.

    I think it's incredibly ironic that Windows users will now get to run a virtual Windows XP on Windows 7 for compatibilit

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