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Submission + - Google Earth Blurs Poland's Death Camps 1

Greg writes: Exploring Poland on Google Maps shows an interesting pattern. Many areas in Poland have hi-res satellite images however when you get close to a death camp like Auschwitz, Birkenau, Treblinka, Sobibór and others you for some reason see only low-res imagery, which will not let you see any details of the death camps. In some cases you can clearly see the difference in the image resolution as you get close to the camps.
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Google Earth Blurs Poland's Death Camps

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  • They are German death camps that were built on Polish soil by the nazis during WWII. You have no idea how offensive the term "Polish death camp" or "Poland's death camp" is to us, Poles who lost more than 6 million people from the hands of German occupiers. Downvoting your post just for this faux pas.

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