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Submission + - CATaLOG - An RFID cat tracker ( 2

peterprior writes: "I've been building an RFID cat tracker — dubbed CATaLOG — for the last few months using an Arduino Microcontroller and the newly available ethernet shield. I've documented my progress and how I went about it over on the project pages as well as doing an O'reilly Ignite presentation on it a few days ago. You can view the live cat status or follow the cats over on Twitter."
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CATaLOG - An RFID cat tracker

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  • This is the kind of thing I like to see on slashdot. Somebody actually building something, and documenting it. That Arduino microcontroller sure looks interesting.
    • Arduino was featured on the first italian issue of Wired.
      It surely is an interesting approach, both from the philosophical side (as a form of open source hardware) but also from a business point of view (it is the perfect project for a noprofit situation, or schools too)

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