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gringofrijolero writes: "Starting this Friday, the telephone companies concessionaires must carry out a separate registration and control of its users. In this way, the new mobile user who acquires a cell need to provide their full name, proof of residence, nationality and their fingerprint.

The above, to form the National Register of mobile phone users, which will reduce the commission of crimes via cell phone as extortion, threats, kidnapping, or any of its forms or of any felony related to organized crime.

For their part, more than 70 million users who already enjoy this service, they will have one year to comply with registration and control."

These stories have been going around for a while now. The new twist I see is the fingerprinting. I don't know how much longer it will be before you folks north of the Rio Grande will be doing the same thing, but it appears inevitable. We can expect a sharp rise in cell phone thefts, and lots of false accusations because of this, and our lawyers aren't exactly what you could call "effective".
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Mexico to register cell phones

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  • by jeckil ( 633197 )
    About a year ago I was getting a new SIM card for my cell phone, once my turn was up (there was a long line) for some strange reason I gave a false name and false address to one of the local carriers and got it :-O ;it is amazing how much crime must be committed if I anybody (and i mean anybody) can get a cell phone here in Mexico.

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