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Submission + - The Jackalope gets its KDE3 way ... finally (

VincenzoRomano writes: The next forthcoming version of Ubuntu, in its KDE-oriented version is going to get its way with KDEv3.
Everything could have started from a couple of facts:

* The Intrepid Ibex (aka 8.10), the current stable version, doesn't support KDEv3;
* KDEv4 (v4.2.2 actually) is still showing too many issues for a usable desktop system.

What does this mean? For the non-technical, the inability to set-up the connectivity among other issues.
For the technical user ... the list is quite long to fit the margin of this web page!
But some of them can deserve some extra attention from new users.
On the other side, KDEv3 has proved to be much more stable with a higher number of core features being actually usable for every-day life, while being less fancy and "advanced" than v4.

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The Jackalope gets its KDE3 way ... finally

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