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Bill Ricardi writes: "When we talk about 80's tunes with the guys, we tend to drink a beer and recall the over the top glam rock, the hard line metal, maybe the complexity of prog rock. You know, Queen, Metallica, and Rush. But what you never discuss with the guys are the songs that bring a misty tear to your eye, or a bittersweet smile to your lips. Here are 5 tunes that we bet will 'out' you!

Nobody is calling you a wimp, man. But our intensive studies, our quiet conversations with lyrical gurus, and our drunken 4 A.M. musical confessionals have led us to one solid conclusion: If you were a young person in the 80's, there are certain songs that you secretly love, but would never admit to your friends. That's OK man, that's cool. It doesn't mean anything. Well, we don't think it means anything. OK, even if you ARE gay (and there's nothing wrong with that by the way), nobody is calling you gay! Well, not to your face.

Our research of demographics, sales figures from our website (U.K.), and industry statistics say that one or more of these tunes makes your heart flutter in a way that you wouldn't bring up at the next monster truck rally, if you know what I mean. We've provided links to the U.S. and U.K. MP3's, just in case you want... no, NEED to hear them again. We won't judge you. Much.

Follow the link to see our top 5 picks!"

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Top Five 80's Musical Guilty Pleasures

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