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Submission + - New discovery may end transplant rejection ( 1

mmmscience writes: Big news in the medical world: scientists in Australia have found a way to stop the body from attacking organ transplants, greatly decreasing the possibility of organ rejection. Researchers focused on regulatory T cells which are capable of quieting the immune system, stopping the killer T cells from seeking out and attacking foreign objects such as newly transplanted tissue.
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New discovery may end transplant rejection

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  • This has a lot of potential to be HUGE. Although this is just in mice thus far, there have been cases of human immune systems adapting to foreign tissue, just not enough knowledge to make it happen reliably. There was a recent (a year or two) where a girl (also in Australia) changed blood type AND adapted to a transplanted liver. Doctors theorize that donor marrow from the liver took hold and that the interaction between the two immune systems (her native one and the accidentally transplanted one) resulted

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