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Submission + - Starting a network engineering business

pwizard2 writes: I live in a development of over 1500 homes, and new ones get built every so often. Each house has CAT5 cable in the walls and it is even coiled up in the phone boxes. Unfortunately, is not being used and it terminates in a completely useless place from a networking point of view, (outside by the phone box) at least in my house. I've done freelance computer repair for my neighbors on several occasions, and since all of them are on wireless networks like I am, it's safe to say that no one can use their CAT5 even though their houses have been wired for it. (which is a real shame) Everyone I've talked to is upset about it.

Clearly, the electricians didn't know what they were doing when they laid down the CAT5, but I do. (I wired the last house I owned for ethernet during a renovation and it worked great) It's too late to fix my house without gutting it, but something can be done about future homes. I see a good opportunity to start my own business, because obviously no one else is doing this.

I'm getting ready to talk to the head contractor the next time I see him, and hopefully he can tell me who to talk to to get this thing rolling. However, I'm not sure what (if any) credentials I need to start doing this professionally. I assume I need to be licensed and bonded and should start an LLC, but is there anything else? I don't think this would be designated as an electrician job, since the current carried by CAT5 is minimal compared to electrical wiring and has none of the inherent danger. If anything, I would classify this as freelance network engineering. Does anyone know what it takes to start this kind of business other than the necessary skill and experience?
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Starting a network engineering business

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