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Submission + - Microsoft Exposes Cloud Secrecy, For What Gain? (beskerming.com)

SkiifGeek writes: "Cloud computing may just be another hyped technology, but recent private efforts to coordinate and establish a series of frameworks and methods that would allow for efficient migration of data and resources between clouds were exposed by Microsoft after participants refused to accept Microsoft 'enhancements' into their processes.

Strangely, Microsoft is pushing for a completely open process, using the language and promising the methodology often used in Open Source, but still trying to ensure that "a lot of innovation that we're [Microsoft] dreaming up today" will be included. OOXML vs ODF and a long history of crushing or neutralising non-Microsoft technologies should be sufficient for anyone to regard Microsoft's actions with a dose of suspicion.

It is hard to say just what Microsoft might stand to gain from publicly exposing the actions of a currently shadowy group, but there is enough current confusion that might allow Microsoft the room it needs to subvert the current efforts."

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Microsoft Exposes Cloud Secrecy, For What Gain?

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