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Submission + - Marketing DPI to Internet Service Providers

iminplaya writes: "In an era when subscriber acquisition rates are declining, the focus of service providers is on increasing profitability and competitiveness, which are largely dependent upon gaining visibility into and control over the events and transactions on their networks. In fact, network activity is a valuable resource that can be exploited to produce measurable business value by the savvy service providers that have the expertise and technology to extract that value from it."

"In just one of many examples, DPI manufacturer Allot describes how its DPI product "enables service providers to project potential revenues and profits from setting up a tiered service infrastructure" and allows providers to "reduce the performance of applications with negative influence on revenues..."

"DPI-enabled discrimination will reduce consumer choice and diminish the innovation at the edges that makes the Internet valuable. No short-term benefit can outweigh these long-term harms."
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Marketing DPI to Internet Service Providers

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