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Obama's Gift to Gordon Brown fails due to DRM

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  • This is just Obama's way of suggesting to those snooty European types that they buy their electronics the American way -- from America. Then the DVDs will play. Hooah!
    • by Nutria ( 679911 )

      This is just Obama's way

      No, it's his way of reminding us how much more incompetent his administration is than the W admin was.

      • Yes, because a mixup in buying gifts certainly allows one to draw judgement on the administration as a whole, two months in.

      • by Amouth ( 879122 )

        I would much rather them make a mistake on what region to buy a DVD than what country to invade

  • When I first heard about this gift, I remember thinking it was a cheapskate gift. The fact that they didn't think about region codes just shows how much thought and considerationr really went into it... Do you think Gordon Brown will get someone to crack the DRM?
  • British customs officials fined Gordon Brown for attempting to illegally import a multi-region DVD player from China.

    When informed of the news, the MPAA issued a press release stating "Gordon Brown apparently does not respect an internationally agreed upon copy-theft prevention system. Our market research has clearly shown that European would ever want to buy DVDs produced outside of Europe, Japan, or South Africa. And clearly Australians share a similar culture with Latin America; Koreans would never w

    • Ah, but Australian DVD players are required to be region free, so we can happily buy overseas DVDs without a problem.

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