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Submission + - OS X Receiving Increased InfoSec Attention (

SkiifGeek writes: "Though they may not have had the exposure that the Month of Apple Bugs received at the start of 2007, there have been some significant recent discoveries regarding OS X security. In February, Vincenzo Iozzo presented a new method for injecting malicious code directly into running applications, with no trace being left behind when the host application is terminated.

Dino Dai Zovi has been busy demonstrating heap overflows that can lead to full system compromise, while Charlie Miller again walked away with the MacBook at the CanSecWest conference, after using a pre-prepared Safari exploit to take over the target system in less than 10 seconds. Both Zovi and Miller have also been putting in a lot of work to get MetaSploit for OS X targets up to the same sort of capabilities and features as the versions available for Windows and Linux."

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OS X Receiving Increased InfoSec Attention

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