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Submission + - Morality of throttling a Local ISP? 3

An anonymous reader writes: I work for a small (400 customers) local cable ISP. For the company the ISP is only a smaller side business, so my whole line of expertise lies in other areas, but since I know the most about Linux and networking I've been stuck into the role of part time sysadmin.

In examining our backbone and customer base I've found out that we are oversubscribed around 70:1 between our customer's bandwidth and our pipe. I've gone to the boss and showed him the bandwidth graphs of us sitting against the limit for the better part of the day, and instead of purchasing more bandwidth, he has asked me to start implementing traffic shaping and packet inspection against P2P users and other types of large downloading. Because this is in a certain limited market, the customers really have the choice between my work, and dial-up.

Being a person on the other side of that coin with my local ISP I'm struggling with the desire to give the customers I'm administering the best experience and the desire to do what my boss wants.

In my situation, what would you do ?
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Morality of throttling a Local ISP?

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  • If the high-bandwidth customers are serious about their high bandwidth, they'll pay more. If they're not serious about it, they'll adapt to what you give them.

  • by tad1073 ( 1144579 )
    Start looking for another job and when you find a batter one tell your boss to f-off. He nor you are the authorities hence, traffic shaping should not be done on the assumption that the boss/company thinks illegal file sharing is going on. You know what happens when you assume You make an ass-out of-u and me

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