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Submission + - Hardware CD/DVD drive emulator found at CeBIT

Radu Cristescu writes: I didn't go at CeBIT, but some of my colleagues have, and there they found the iodd portable virtual ROM. This device connects to either a SATA 2.0 port, or a USB 2.0 port — comes with both options, and emulates a mass storage device. The part that caught my attention was the CD/DVD drive emulation. You put an ISO on the internal hard drive, then you select it using a switch and the OLED display. This can save the Earth, time, physical storage space, and company money — in that order, since if you use this you no longer have to throw away lots of plastic discs, burn test discs (even rewriteables) which take too long just to see that you forgot that semicolon in an essential script and you have to burn a new disc just for it, doesn't take as much space as ten DVD spindle towers, and you don't have to nag your superior to buy new supplies when discs run out.

It's like an iPod, but for software developers and testers.

The price at CeBIT is 90 Euro for the 320 GB version. I'm not sure what the retail price would be, since, according to the brochure, this product was introduced this year, so it's really fresh.
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Hardware CD/DVD drive emulator found at CeBIT

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