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First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Blood Frontier "Beta 1" Officially Release ( 1

qreeves writes: "Here it is, for the whole world to try out — the official Blood Frontier 'Beta 1' release. Compared to our last release, 'Alpha 2', the game has taken a dramatic turn from the slow and clunky 'thirdperson' shooter it was. Based on feedback from the community (which we take very seriously, and no idea is too big or too small) we refined, polished, and extended our gameplay to what we consider to be the most fun Free and Open Source First Person Shooter out there on the net. Many may think that it does not compare visually with some of the other shooters out there, but what we lack in art we more than make up for in gameplay. So, give it a try, play against our new and improved Artificial Intelligence, which is giving even the most seasoned of players a run for their money now; or hop on our master server at where there is usually someone either playing, or watching from our IRC channel in #bloodfrontier on (yes that is right, IRC chat support built right in!). For more information see"
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Blood Frontier "Beta 1" Officially Release

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  • by ndazza ( 1395385 )
    Great work on the release! Congrats! I had some great fun with the SVN versions and now I'm excited to see BF released to the broader gaming community.
    One of the things I love about this project is how open the development is. All ideas are considered and the devs actively make changes based on the feedback they receive.
    Can't wait for the 1.0 milestone! Missions, superweapons!!

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