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Submission + - Atlantis found? 1

RcK writes: Numerous articles including http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2255989.ece are springing up regarding a feature found using the new Google Ocean which claim could be the location of Atlantis. While this obviously is early days and probably has the same credibility levels as previous claims of finding the mythical city, the detected anomaly is quite convincingly linear, is apparently the size of Wales and sits near where Plato hypothesized the city to be located...
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Atlantis found?

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  • If you actually look at the ocean floor -- all over the Earth -- with Google Earth, especially at higher magnification, you'll notice all kinds of areas that have right angles to them. These artifacts are from improper image processing of tiled images from various satellites or various rectangular images from the same satellite. This sort of bug makes it very difficult to use Google Earth for looking at the ocean floor.

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