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Submission + - How do I put unused servers to work? 1

olyar writes: "I worked for an internet start-up last year and during the "we have plenty of money" phase, a lot of server hardware was purchased. Eight months later, there is very little money, but we're still plugging along — using only a fraction of the hardware. We just cleared out a co-lo and I now have a stack of 17, 1U servers in my garage. Each of those has 2 servers, each of which is a 2-processor, dual-core box with 8 GB of RAM. Add that up and I have 136 processors and 272 GB of RAM with nothing to do.

The IT guy in me thinks that's a waste of FLOPS. The wanna-be businessman in me thinks its probably a waste of money as well.

So I've been brainstorming ways to put all of that power to good use. Any ideas?"
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How do I put unused servers to work?

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  • set up an internet render farm, charge by the cpu per hour. heaps of small 3d studios would use a farm of that magnitude to get things done quickly for a tight deadline. only problem is that you or your customers need licenses to run those renders, options would be: buy a load of mentalray standalone licenses, this would be a fairly large outlay, but could mean a lot of PROFIT$ buy after effects, nuke or another compositing software licenses. customers who use maya or 3ds max mentalray could rent your syste

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