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Submission + - Geeky Animated Series Premiering in Canada (

MrAndrews writes: ""RollBots" is an animated series in the same vein as classic Transformers, but created from a tech geek angle. There are 301 Redirects, the city is divided into areas like the Boot Sector and Quartz Sector, and the main thoroughfare is called the RMS. It premieres February 7 at 7:30AM on YTV in Canada, and on the CW4Kids in the US later this month. You can see more on the official site, including the trailer I made for it. Full disclosure: I'm a long-time Slashdot reader and have worked like crazy to make sure this series is both fun and informative for the next generation of nerds. There should be enough subtle jokes to keep you entertained while the kids watch robots do kung fu on roller coaster tracks."
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Geeky Animated Series Premiering in Canada

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