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Submission + - How to properly start a pirate TV network?

NeuroManson writes: Well, when the digital transition goes through, I've been led to the following conclusion: How does one get into pirate television, hardware and software wise? Sure, you could go to YouTube, but if you want to provide media that is still under (questionable) ownership, if you want to provide media that is also questionable (say the occasional odd show that *gasp8 makes people think), AND you want to provide said material to people who are holdouts, not willing to pay $50 just to watch even more FCC filtered media, what do you do? The massive gap that the loss of broadcast spectrum would represent means there will be a large opportunity (a'la Big Time Television) for pirate broadcasters to use the still unused frequencies available, AND lucrative for advertisers desperate to keep the remaining 100,000,000 roughly audience. So simply put, what equipment would be nessesary to provide broadcasts for the fleeting but still available market?
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How to properly start a pirate TV network?

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