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smc1979 writes: "I need some info and don't know where to turn. My program simple port forwarding is a free program I made. It basically is a browser that automates port forwarding for your router. Its only been out about 6 or 7 months and is growing with routers (171 routers so far). Then last night I get an email from saying I am violating their provisional patent quote "Our provisional patent covers the system of creating port forwards in a router with software, much the same way that you do. In short, our provisional patent covers our PFConfig application, which is nearly identical in functionality to your Simple Port Forwarding application." Then they say instead of taking me to court they will pay me 6k for the source code to the program, my router screen capture program, all the guides and screen shots I have done and sign a non compete with them and agree not to do anything with port forwarding including helping people on my website! Which I said no to. Do they really have a leg to stand on with this? just because I have a free app and they charge $30 for theirs? I need advice of what I can and should do. anything would be great. Will my hard work in the program be stopped or can I keep on working? sorry for my spelling, I'm running on 2 hours of sleep."
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Patent violating?

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  • I am not a lawyer, so take this advice with a grain of salt. I sincerely doubt that these folks will ever press charges, even if they do have a patent. This sounds like a typical letter designed to scare you away from doing any competing business, and "automatic port forwarding" on google pops up 360,000 results. Their patent is basically wholesale worthless anyway.

    That said, it might be worth paying to consult a lawyer if this company continues to press the matter. Aside from that, I'd keep working o

  • my attorney asked me to get this deleted, can someone please remove this ASAP thanks!

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