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Submission + - Overzealous AirTrans boots 9 passengers off ( 1

Anonymous Coward writes: "On Friday the wonderfully customer centric AirTrans decided to remove a family of 9 US born Muslims after a comment between a brother and sister regarding how close to the Jet engine they had been seated. The wonderful part is that after the FBI cleared the family 2 hours later, AirTrans refused to fly the family, and refused to rebook them on their way from Washington to Orlando, Florida. The family purchased additional tickets on US Airways later that day, after AirTrans requested that the irate father be escorted from their booking podiums by security. This whole story highlights the pathetic customer service we are getting from the Airlines these days — they actually treat us like criminals first and ask questions later. Just don't get me started on Delta."
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Overzealous AirTrans boots 9 passengers off

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  • My first reaction was the same as yours until I started to think about it. Personally if I heard a fellow passenger discussing the safest place to sit on an aircraft I might just get a little antsy. It is at best a BAD subject to discuss under those circumstances whatever your ethnicity but certainly a bad idea for middle east folks.

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