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Submission + - Best handheld for running xterm, vnc, and nx?

vortex2.71 writes: I'm a physicist who basically has two aspects to my job: writing code, running code, and analyzing results. The second and to some extent the later task are performed off-sight on US DOE supercomputers, which I usually access via xterm, ssh, and scp sessions and sometimes with vnc and nx sessions. My wife has a sweet part time job that lets her work seven days in a row and then have 3 weeks off, and we would like to take advantage of her schedule by making some aspects of my job more mobile, so that we can travel more. I would therefore benefit greatly from being able to do some work from a handheld device to augment my use of a laptop and an accessible wifi connection. I'm therefore interested to hear from the community what the best handheld device is for running these applications. I am interested in high functionality xterm sessions with vim, cat, less, CTRL-C, ssh and scp (small text files only) capability and to a lesser extent, vnc and nx capability would be great. I'm also interested in something that works over a cellphone wireless network effectively and of course it would be good if it also connects to wifi. Finally, I know and use linux but am not a "linux hack", so would prefer not to have to install a non-native OS on the device. Thanks for your advice.
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Best handheld for running xterm, vnc, and nx?

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