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Submission + - Is the web rebelling against Internet Explorer?

generalhavok writes: Dear Slashdot, I am the IT director for a school district. Over the last year or so, I have been setting Firefox as the default browser on all student computers. Not so much because I love it (I do) but more because we kept having issues with Internet Explorer. When I first started using FF a few years ago, it seemed that a few sites didn't work well with it, requiring me to use IE. Today, it seems the opposite is true, where I encounter sites that work better in Firefox. Particularly Web 2.0 sites, some databases that are accessed in the library, and our Google Apps (GMail, Google docs, etc). Many users were running into problems accessing the sites with IE or getting certain features to work well (both with IE 6 and 7) and most of the time, telling them to use FF fixed the problem. It strikes me as odd this is happening, because IE still has the majority of the browser share. I was reluctant to ask this question, but I have been hearing more and more complaints from users on IE, both at work and at home. So the question: Is IE just too outdated for some of the modern Web technologies being used by some sites? Are some web developers designing sites that just don't work as well in IE, covertly trying to get their visitors to switch? Has anyone else on /. noticed this?
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Is the web rebelling against Internet Explorer?

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