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HatofPig writes: "Like many people, I've purchased a domain name with my name in it, but don't have the time or inclination to start a blog, or maintain a website there (at least not yet). While I've used my webspace for a few hobby projects, and the occasional file hosting, there are several hundred gigabytes just sitting there unused and I find it hard to justify renewing my yearly contract when it comes up again, unless I find a use for it. I'd donate some of it to a mirroring service, but shared-server hosting plans aren't really good for that sort of thing. That said, I'm sure there are lots of useful things that I could use my webspace for, if I had an imagination. Something like a self-hosted Dropbox alternative would be a fantastic use, if it existed. What interesting things do Slashdotters use their personal webspace for? How should any self-respecting geek make use of their webhosting plan and domain name?"
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Good uses for personal web hosting?

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  • I've always been planning to implement a file backup system, but that's pretty boring stuff. The reason I brought up Dropbox is because ultimately I think it'd be the penultimate reason to pay for webhosting, were the idea implemented in FOSS. In the meanwhile, how do you backup your personal files to your webhost?

    How can I make my life easier by using my hundreds of gigs of space, and thousands transfer each month? I googled for a while and couldn't find much geared towards answering my question. There mus

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