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Submission + - Coffee really get's you going! (physorg.com)

lurking_giant writes: Researchers at the University of Nevada-Reno say that 340 million gallons of biodiesel could be added to the worlds fuel supply without replacing crops or impacting food production. In a recent study reported by PHYSICS.ORG, They claim that 10-20% by weight of spent coffee grounds are usefull oil. (The stuff that makes coffee tast bitter) Traditional crops for it's production such as Soybean and rapeseed produce similar levels of oil. Since we already consume more than 16 billion pounds of coffee each year, if we recycle the spent grounds to make biodiesel we could see a net gain in the worlds fuel supply without any loss of food production. So all you java heads drink up, we can save the world and get jazzed at the same time.
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Coffee really get's you going!

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