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Submission + - Jail as judge says emoticons are just punctuation. 1

nick_davison writes: The Journal Star reports: Government inducement — by case law — is opportunity plus "something else." A man who declined what he was led to believe was a 15 year old girl was then sent angry then flirtatious emoticons. By definition, the police officer involved continued to aggressively pursue after the man expressed disinterest because of her alleged age. The judge, however, refused to allow the jury to hear this argument because he conceives them as nothing more than punctuation: "'Cause that's what an emoticon is. It's a form of punctuation," Because of the judges ignorance of the meaning of emoticons, the man is now in jail.
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Jail as judge says emoticons are just punctuation.

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  • Sorry Dude, but you're 31, and hitting on a 15 year old. It's not like you're 18 and meet a hot girl you later find out is 15. You knew her age (OK, so it's a cop playing her) and still went to meet her!

    Get that pervert off the street before he finds my daughter and you save his life, cause if you went to meet her, they wouldn't find your body!

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