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Submission + - Superconducting transitster material developed ( 1

lurking_giant writes: is reporting that a group from the University of Geneva in Switzerland has discovered a material junction that acts as field effect transistor (FET) at 0.3 degrees Kelvin. The material is a single crystal containing two metal oxides, strontium titanate and lanthanum aluminate, as separate segments. At the interface of these materials, the team found a layer of free electrons called an electron gas in the material switches from superconductor to non-conductor (insulator) with the application of a voltage at the interface... Can't imagine anyone able to over clock this since they only hav .3 degrees to work with but you never know. "There's no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't demand credit"... Author Unknown.
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Superconducting transitster material developed

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  • OK, I AM an electronics engineer, which I guess is the reason I'm bugged by the "overclock" comment, even though I know it's mostly a joke.

    The reason people want to cool computer hardware that is "overclocked" is because of a basic, heretofore unavoidable fact of nature: Joule's Law. Stated simply, Joule's Law says that electrical power dissipated as heat is proportional to the resistance that the current is passing through. In a computer, signals turn on and off (that's the "clock" part), so the heat is p

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