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Submission + - Italian Premier Wants to "Regulate the Interne

orzetto writes: Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, host-to-be of the next G8 summit, has announced he will use his presidency of the G8 (starting January) to "regulate the Internet", without specifying further what he meant by that, report The Register and Italy's main newspaper la Repubblica (in Italian).

Berlusconi, who previously stated that he does not understand much of teh Intertubes (only in Italian; sorry, his English is like this), is a media tycoon who was not particularly successful at business until he entered politics, at which point he swiftly became Italy's wealthiest man (though he later dropped a few places); he has namely a long history of favouring his own business (sorry, antispam filter blocks Google translation) when passing laws: last week, he doubled the VAT (from 10% to 20%) on Sky TV, the only national channel he does not control (either through ownership, or appointment of directors as for the public TV channels, which makes Sky "left-leaning" in Italy).

Possibly because of this tendency, blogger and journalist Vittorio Zambardino suggested (Google translation) that what Berlusconi is aiming at is not a Great Firewall against terrorism or paedophiles, but rather a IP crackdown on Web 2.0; his own company, Mediaset, has already sued Youtube for half a billion euros.

It will be interesting to see what Obama will have to say about that (he will be inaugurated about the same time Berlusconi will get the G8 presidency), since he seems to be much more tech-savvy, and since last time he saw Berlusconi he did not seem to be very enthusiastic.
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Italian Premier Wants to "Regulate the Interne

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