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The Military

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RulerOf writes: Last week, ran a story about U.S. Military field medic, Anthony Acevedo, a WWII veteran who was imprisoned in a Nazi slave camp, and was later forced to sign an affidavit saying it never happened. His story details many of the horrific events he and his fellow soldiers endured, and recalled a particularly emotional moment when a soldier named Vogel died in his arms, having lost the will to live after a failed escape attempt.

Martin Vogel, who joined the military during WWII after his brother, Bernard, was drafted in 1944, lost his brother during the war, but never knew any of the details of what happened or how he had died. The only information he had obtained was that his brother was imprisoned in a Nazi slave camp, and at some point attempted to escape, and was haunted ever since by the lack of closure he received from the U.S. Government.

Vogel, after reading Acevedo's story on, contacted CNN, who in turn connected Vogel with Acevedo and another survivor from the same camp. Martin learned in a conference call with the other two veterans, that the man who died in Acevedo's arms was indeed his brother Bernard, finally giving him the closure he longed for after 63 years of uncertainty.

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Internet Brings Closure to Veteran 63 Years Later

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